Student Entrepreneurship and
 Innovation @ UNSW
At NSi we believe in encouraging students to become our entrepreneurs - and leaders of the future. 

Our new services and opportunities for students include:

Student Enterprise Advisory Services our team and network provide a suite of free advisory services including Commercial, Legal, IP, Financial and Accounting advice. We work with a wide range of industry partners, entrepreneurs, start-ups, mentors and other agencies. Imagine what you could achieve with us on your side?

Our UNSW Student Development Programs in innovation and entrepreneurship include: 

1. ‘Intrapreneurship’ Accelerate Your Career – be an ‘inside’ entrepreneur - to accelerate the business and your career.

2.  Entrepreneurship Masterclass – talks and mentoring sessions run by inspirational entrepreneurs including Jo Burston.

3.  UNSW Sydney Angels Mixer -  student entrepreneurs network with Australia’s largest Angel Investor syndicate.

4.  UNSW Sydney Seed Fund Pitch – students video pitch competition with finalists pitching live in front of Sydney Seed Fund group.

5.  UNSW Start-Up Games for first time student entrepreneurs run by serial entrepreneur, Bart Jellemar.

6.  UNSW Alumni and Student Entrepreneur Mixer students network with Alumni Entrepreneurs. 


UNSW Start-Up Games is a 8 week program for UNSW students facilitated by Bart Jellema - founder Zeromail.  Students are led through a series of drills, games and experience to bring their ideas to life.


 Dream of being an entrepreneur ? 
or, do you just want to be your own boss ?
If you have great ideas and want help to set up your own business whilst you are still at University – then come and talk to NSi. We could be the right team at UNSW to help you to:

  • Protect your idea, its confidentiality and your IP rights
  • Assess the idea and its market potential
  • Access high quality IP for free ...we call it 'Easy Access IP'
  • Connect you to Business, Industry and Government
  • Introduce you to Venture Capitalists for possible funding; and
  • Set up a company and become your own boss!
Connect. Collaborate. Innovate.

Transforming your discoveries into successful commercial ventures, products and innovations takes time and ...the right connections!

NSi offers students opportunities to connect, collaborate and work with some of the world’s most prestigious and successful companies. We believe that success breeds success and hope that our introductions will be able to mentor you and guide you to the top.

Working with the best

Our global connections and business partners include companies like Dow Chemicals, Onesteel, BHP Billiton, Suntech, LG Electronics and Carl Zeiss Microimaging – just to name a few !

For information, contact Joshua Flannery at NSi

UNSW Student Start-Ups
Proudly supported by NewSouth Innovations.
For more information on UNSW Start-Ups, please contact Joshua Flannery



Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE)
The Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) at UNSW is also a great resource for go-getting students.   Its principal ambitions are to improve the quality of innovative thinking in Australia, and to stimulate entrepreneurial skills in students, faculty members, UNSW alumni and the general entrepreneurial public.

The CIE helps innovators prepare to face the challenges of an increasingly dynamic commercial world in the form of targeted coursework, internships, and networking events that offer real world experiential learning and interaction.